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Delivery: Australia
Currency: AUD

Thank you for choosing the Velocity Rewards Store.


For all queries related to your order or to goods in the Velocity Rewards Store, please begin by contacting the appropriate retail partner. Their contact details can be found in the order confirmation email and in the product information sheet.

The merchant partner can answer all your queries concerning:


  • delivery
  • order tracking
  • order cancellations
  • refunds
  • cancellation policy
  • products details
  • terms and conditions of sale


To access the full contact details of all Velocity Frequent Flyer Merchant partners, click here.

For all queries related to a technical problem encountered with the Velocity Rewards Store, or if you have questions about redeeming Velocity Points or Points refunds, please submit a support request.


Once the Merchant partner has confirmed that your order has been cancelled, your Points will be recredited to your account within 30 days.

For all general queries about using the Velocity Rewards Store or if you are having problems logging in to your account, please contact the Velocity Frequent Flyer membership contact centre.